General Studies Paper III English (Hard Copy/COD)

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IAS Hand Written Notes General studies Paper III(English) has three volumes:-

Volumes 1: Indian Economy, Government Budgeting, Agriculture, Land Reforms in India.

  • Basic concepts of  Indian Economy with details description of both Micro and Macroeconomics.
  • Other sub-points like 5 years plans, Employment, Unemployment, and Poverty
  • Government Budget is a comprehensive exercise in allocating expenditure and planning the sources of financing this expenditure.
  • All the importance of agriculture for plays a very vital role in Indian Economics
  • Land reforms in India covers topics like  Arguments against land reforms,
  • Land reforms measures and Causes of failures of land reforms

2: Internal Security Challenges, Various Security Forces, Science & Technology, Disaster Management, Environment & Ecology

  • International Security Architecture
  • Linkage between Development and Extremism
  • Institutional Framework to tackle Terrorism
  • Cyber Security and Role of media

3: Awareness & Various Fields

  • Information about space technology satellites and shuttle
  • Communication and  Information technology
  • Biotechnology covers all the study related microorganisms
  • All the important topics of Biology like origin of life plants etc
  • Alcoholics Beverages
  • Digestive System and circulatory system and important sense organs for exams

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11 reviews for General Studies Paper III English (Hard Copy/COD)

  1. Rukmani


  2. Rahul Chaudhari

    Amazing notes…very helpful!!
    covered all topics
    recommend to all
    great job toppersnotes

  3. Vaishali

    Notes are good but my books cover page was damaged.

  4. Rudra Pratap

    Excellent to prepare ..I recommend it.

  5. Himanshu Rajput

    Hats off to you guys, what a nice way to sell notes, never have ever seen a notes book in my life so well binded and indexed.

  6. Neha Singh

    yes sir I am very like your note

  7. Chaya

    They are doing a really great job by providing notes of toppers.
    these notes really help to boost up my preparation….
    must recommend for those who are looking to get a government job

  8. Sumit

    Thankyou for providing such type of notes.

  9. Bhavna Patil

    Very Nice Notes

  10. Uttam Rajput

    Best notes with many problems solved……good for preparation of board and competative exams..

  11. Kishan Bagdi

    I Bought notes for IAS english and they are Superb , It matches the syllabus and the content quality is very good.
    one or two pages are not clear but overall print quality is Great.

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