IIT JEE Physics XII Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

(15 customer reviews)

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Includes The Following:

Chapter 1 Electrostatics & capacitance (Class XII)
Chapter 2 Electric Current (Class XII)
Chapter 3 Magnetic Field (Class XII)
Chapter 4 Electromagnetic Induction (ClassXII)
Chapter 5 Alternating Current (Class XII)
Chapter 6 Optics + Wave optics (Class XII)
Chapter 7 Atomic Structure (Class XII)


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15 reviews for IIT JEE Physics XII Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

  1. Satish Kumar

    This is how top students study what a mind.

  2. Shivam Saini

    notes are really helpful

  3. Rahul Tomar

    High quality notes

  4. Shalini gupta

    Some pages are not printed well but the notes are awesome

  5. Nazim Ahmad

    Really better one compare to other books, loved it.

  6. Abhay Sharma

    Good quality notes helping me a lot

  7. Pooja Yadav

    Thank you for providing such type of notes in buget

  8. Mohit Dahiya

    Good quailty really not think that i will recieve such type of Notes

  9. Amit Gupta

    Thankyou for providing such type of notes.

  10. Rakesh Kumar

    Notes are good but my books cover page was damaged.

  11. Mohini sharma

    Helpfull Notes.

  12. Akash Gupta

    Trust me notes are very usefull and in neat and clean handwriting

  13. Amisha Patel

    Notes are ok but my cover page has some scratches

  14. Mithlesh Kumar

    Notes quality is very good. Helps me a lot in my preparation.

  15. Sneha

    very good.

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